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There are certain terminologies that occur several times in the bible.

In this write up today I am going to be discoursing the HAND of God ,The ARM of God and the PRESENCE of God.

If you can understand these three aspects of God, it will help you in your everyday Christian walk with God


What  then is the hand of God ?Ecclesiastes 9 vs 1 says”So I reflected on all this and concluded,that the righteous and the wise and what they do.are in Gods hand.But no one knows whether love or hate awaits them”

When we learn to see things as the hand of God irrespective of whether it is bad ,good or ugly.

Irrespective of WHO or where it is coming from,you will definitely have a more peaceful life.

Most times the hand of God in the Bible simple means that God is working out a purpose through a particular process .Most times the process might not be pleasant!

Knowing about Gods hand ,helps us to see things from the perspective of Gods Hands rather than from the perspective of Mans behavior..


There is a lot of strife in the world today . Among siblings,between husbands and wives, among co.workers and among friends.

This is because we as Christians, have not learnt to look at things from the perspective of Gods hand working out a purpose.

The only reason Joseph  was able to go through all he went through for 17 years ,was because he saw every thing as Gods hand working out his purpose.

This is made evidence by what he said to his brothers. Same brothers that  sold him out to slavery several years before.

Joseph said to his brothers “You thought that what you did to me was evil when you sold me out to the Egyptians but I now see it as the HAND OF GOD  using you to push me to Egypt ,to preserve your lives during this time of famine.”

 We can learn to see everything that happens to us in  this life as the hand of God. When we do this,we will be able to see beyond what anybody does to us. This  will help us have a more peaceful life.

It takes humility to be able to exhibit such a character“.God will exalt you in due time if we humble ourselves under the mighty HAND OF GOD”1 Peter 5 vs 6.

Seeing Gods hand in every situation is also the  best way to learn to love your enemies. Because if you can only look beyond what you see.

Or what a person has done to you and rather look at Gods hand behind the persons behavior,You will be able to graduate from malice and hatred ,to love.


When the bible talks about the ARM OF GOD it always has to do with situations where God is in a  battle  ground with you

.When it comes to the ARM OF GOD,you need to be aware of the battle and call upon the arm of God to deliver you and fight for you.When you learn to see things as the hand of God, you will know when there is a battle in the and when to call upon the ARM OF GOD to fight the battle for you.

Exodus 6 vs 6 “Say therefore to the sons of Israel ,I am the Lord and I will bring you out from under the burden of the Egyptians.I will deliver you from their bondage.I will also redeem you with an outstretched ARM and with great judgement”.


The arm of God has to do with deliverance from bondage. It includes any kind of trouble the enemy might throw our way.

The only way we can be delivered without getting frustrated towards God is to call upon the mighty ARM OF GOD.

You cannot call upon the arm of God however if you do not understand the significance of the arm of God  .

First understand its significance,then call upon it with faith and you will be delivered.


Psalm 16 vs 11 “You will make known to me the paths of life and in your presence is fullness of joy in your right hand are pleasures for evermore”

Gods presence is the HOLY SPIRIT! You can only have Gods presence when you learn to communicate with the Holy Spirit.

For most of us,we know of the Spirit,We read about the Spirit,We speak about the Spirit.But unfortunately not many Christians communicate daily with the Holy Spirit.


If you are not communicating with the Spirit,how will you remain in his presence?How will you know when his hand is in a matter happening around you?.How will you know when you are in a battle in order to call upon his right Arm to  battle for you.?

The Holy Spirit has been given to us freely to guide us along the several paths of our life.Pathways the Lord himself has planned out.for us .

It is only through communication daily with the spirit that brings you into the presence of God.  As a result  you get the right information you need for your lives journey.

In todays world of trouble,without the knowledge of the  HAND,ARM AND PRESENCE OF GOD,you can easily compromise your christian faith.You can easily join the crowd.You can easily begin to believe things that are outside of Gods ways,will and thoughts.


Psalm 89 vs 13-15″Your ARM is endowed with power.Your HAND is strong.Your right hand exalted. Righteousness and justice are the foundations of your throne.Love and faithfulness go before you.Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you. and who walk in the light of your PRESENCE O Lord” .

Knowledge of The HAND of God,the ARM of God and the PRESENCE of God can help us to walk in the ways of God.

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Enorita James

A Christian woman that loves God and teaches what I learn about God everyday of my life

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